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Maximize Monday: Optimize Your Webcomic for the Holidays

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Brrrr, is it cold in here or is it just us? This drop in weather can only mean one thing: the holidays are coming soon! We’ve got a bunch of holiday sales coming up and these tend to drive huge traffic spikes. We want you to perform to the best of your ability this season so we’ve got some tips to maximize your webcomic!

Draw TeePublic products into your comic

This is an opportunity that is truly unique to you -- you can draw TeePublic products directly into your comic! When our partners do this they tend to do really well and it serves as a way to advertise organically. Plus, people love getting stuff their favorite characters own. And you aren’t limited to just shirts either. We’ve got pillows, tapestries, totes, phone cases, mugs, art prints, and more!

Consider doing a live drawing session!

Your fans love your work and they’d love to see an inside look into how it gets made. Doing a live drawing is a great way to connect deeper with your audience and get them excited about your upcoming projects and supporting you! You can use some of the time to talk about the upcoming sales that will be going on in your store and maybe even get some insight into what your fans would want in the future.

Update your designs and curation

You want to make sure your store is up to snuff before the holidays really start. Make sure you’ve uploaded any old designs you have that you’d like to sell (an affiliate can help with this) and that you’ve updated your store to include any new curated TeePublic designs. Utilizing our albums feature is also a great way to make sure your fans see the coolest designs instead of getting distracted and giving up 6 pages into your store.

Partner with other comic artists

The comic community is an amazing resource. If you’ve got buddies that are also artists see if you guys can collaborate. Maybe partner up to do a comic strip or you can even design a shirt together. Then you’ll have the benefit of reaching your audience and new people!

And that's a wrap for our optimization series. Have any questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch with your account manager!


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