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Tanya Hoodies


The magic crystal used by the main character Tanya from the anime Youjo Senki! She's one mean loli!

Tags: tanya


Tanya needs YOU to buy this t-shirt!

Tags: anime, go-ahead-make-my-day, coffee, youjo-senki, caffeine


Johnny Cage is Having Second Thoughts! Check out the video on Dorkly > http://www.dorkly.com/video/58841/johnny-cage-is-having-second-thoughts

Tags: mortal-kombat-t-shirt, mortal-kombat, dorkly


Zeo Ranger II – Yellow!

Tags: superheroes, superhero, cosplay, 1990s, retro

Zeo Ranger II Hoodie

by RussJericho23

Mortal Kombat (MK) was my favourite fighting game growing up. The fatalities and awesome special moves made for an EPIC arcade classic which spawned many home ports to consoles like the Megadrive/Genesis and SNES. The dynamic between Scorpion and Sub Zero really put the Ryu and Ken debate to shame. This Ugly Sweater Christmas design is part of my huge collection of Xmas designs. If you like gaming and Christmas sweaters you should check out the others in the range :-)

Tags: finish-him, subzero, netherrealm, apparel, pixelart


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