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Developers Kids Hoodies


mozzila developer network

Tags: unreliable, guesswork, popular, urban-dictionary, software-developer

mozzila developer network Kids Hoodie

by kimberlyjustin
$36 $30

Age old wisdom that is often forgotten.

Tags: dev, kiss, symbol, geek, software-developer


An all time famous STRAIGH OUTTA design for programmers !

Tags: programming, science, developers, coders, engineers

Tags: developers, vcs, programmers, coders, github


Eat. Sleep. Code. Repeat. That's all I do all day! A great gift for people who program and programmers! Code the day away with this awesome shirt! A great gift for programmers, computer science workers, people who work in IT and network and web development, and more! The perfect gift for family, friends, IT workers, networkers, computer programmers, geeks, nerds, developers and more!

Tags: coders, college-students, computer-science-majors-and-more, geek, code

Main Tag

This design consist of the syntax of c-language to print "Hello World!".

Tags: geek, geeky, engineers, developers, software


The Grunt ecosystem is huge and it's growing every day. With literally hundreds of plugins to choose from, you can use Grunt to automate just about anything with a minimum of effort. If someone hasn't already built what you need, authoring and publishing your own Grunt plugin to npm is a breeze

Tags: coder, coding, programming, programmer, javascript


Full Stack Dad handles everything from the front end, back end and most importanly the family end. You don't know the pressures of coding untill your "scrum master" is a 9 year old with attitude. No worries... FullStackDad.com is here! with the gear he wants

Tags: full-stack-developer, developers, software-developer, fullstack-dad, programmer

FullStack Dad Kids Hoodie

by 1FullStackDad
$36 $30

Funny Periodic Table Computer T-Shirt- great for web developers and coders

Tags: programmer, nerd, geek, web-programming, development


A very Unique Design based on 10 different types of people who Know about Binary language and who don't

Tags: different-types-of-people, binary-language, geeks, computer-nerds, coder


a design for computer geniuses, etc.

Tags: career, software, geek, nerd, jobs

I.t. ver.2 Kids Hoodie

by BoggsNicolas
$36 $30

Tags: real-estate-developer, home-sale, real-estate-broker, real-estate-developers, developer-contracts

Red Day Cursive Kids Hoodie

by KellerWilliams
$36 $30

Tags: git-commit, git-push, git-vcs, svn-directory, programmer


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