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Fibonacci Pattern Kids T-Shirts


Golden Ratio Spiral. Fibonacci Spiral. In geometry, a golden spiral is a logarithmic spiral whose growth factor is Phi, the golden ratio. That is, a golden spiral gets wider (or further from its origin) by a factor of Phi for every quarter turn it makes. Fibonacci spiral, which is constructed similarly to the above method except that you start with a rectangle partitioned into 2 squares and then in each step add to the rectangle's longest side a square of the same length. Since the ratio between consecutive Fibonacci numbers approaches the golden ratio as the Fibonacci numbers approach infinity, so too does this spiral get more similar to the previous approximation the more squares are added.

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The Fibonacci Spiral, The Golden Ratio

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The Golden Ratio Kids T-Shirt

by th3vasic
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Fibonacci Funny Quote

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This golden ratio Fibonacci spiral is perfect for people who love Fibonacci numbers. Whether you love the golden ratio, golden spiral or math shirts, this design is the perfect gift for the math experts of the world and the lover of perfect patterns in nature.

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