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Elizabeth Berkley Mugs

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She looks better than a 10 inch hoagie and you know it! You can't touch her, but she can touch you, if you buy this design. And she'd really love to touch you. Things you can do while showing off your new hoagiemouth design include: eating doggy chow; hooking; turning your nose up at brown rice and vegetables; hooking; sabotaging fellow performers; and hooking. If you're still not convinced, just follow the advice of my dear friend Jeff: you gotta gamble if you're gonna win. NOW THRUST IT! THRUST IT! Oh, and I'm not a stripper. I'm a dancer!

Tags: stripper, sexy-woman, 1990s, movie, cult-classic

Showgirls - Thrust it Mug

by Hoagiemouth
$15 $11

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