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Prostate Mugs

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Prostate Mug

by Dedekurniasih

Whether with a small army of family, friends and/or healthcare providers, you’re never in it alone. We know firsthand that fighting prostate cancer is a long and rigorous battle with many ups and downs at any given moment. This design is meant to symbolize that plight. Through the imperfections, holes and rips, the support and awareness remains. Hand drawn. 5% of the gross order total will go to a prostate cancer research foundation.

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The Hit Stick in Madden is iconic. Everyone knows that! How about the noise it created when it was first introduced in 2006? It signifies the ability to willingly deliver a big hit on an opponent and turn the momentum of the game. With this shirt, we'd like to make a big play on cancer and help force a fumble, donating 5% of every sale to varying cancer foundations.

Tags: prostate-awareness, madden, hit-sick

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ALL royalties I make from this shirt will be donated to Cancer Council Australia. If you're unsure of which colour ribbon represents which cancer, go here: https://www.disabled-world.com/disability/awareness/ribbons.php

Tags: charity, awareness, survivor, illness, ribbon

F*CK Cancer Mug

by ShootTheMessenger

Someone I Love Needs A Cure

Tags: diabetes-awareness, fight-cancer, cure-cancer, cancer-awareness, humor


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