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Uraraka Ochako Mugs


A Ciitrus Arts Original! ٩(♡ε♡)۶ Little Cutie to Boot and she can even be your loot. Slap an Ochako sticker anywhere to instantly make it lighter and better! If you like this work, check out my store for plenty more like it! Head to https://ciitrus.net if you wanna support me or find my social media! (Commissions are always open and under $15)

Tags: cute-af, cute, kawaii, chibi, anime

Uravity Girl Mug

by Ciitrus

"Everyone is giving all they can, which only makes fair for me to do the same... So, we will meet in the finals!"

Tags: gravity, cheerleader, uravity, ochaco, bnha

Tags: uraraka, uraraka-ochako, mt-fuji, uravity, infinity

Infinity Mug

by Brokenhorns


Tags: japanese, cute, chibi, japan, manga

Uravity Mug

by Sanjiko

The cute hero and defier of gravity, Uraraka Ochako as Uravity!

Tags: deku, all-might, hero, gravity, my-hero-academy

My Hero Academia Uravity Mug

by Fyremageddon

Kirishima x Tetsutetsu

Tags: red-riot, tetsutetsu, deku, anime, katsuki-bakugo

TetsuShima Mug

by MotherBored

Tags: uraraka-ochako, bakugou, midoriya-izuku, my-hero-academy, my-hero-academia

Main Tag

Tags: all-might, gravity, boku-no-hero, plus-ultra, mha

uravity Mug

by inkpocket

It's everyone's favorite hero, Uravity!

Tags: uravity, cute, anime, manga, uraraka

Tags: cartoons, superheroes, superhero, comics, manga


Plus Ultra!

Tags: ochako, boku-no-hero, gravity, uraraka, my-hero-academia

Uraraka Mug

by Fenomeno

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