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Zelena Mugs

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Tags: rebecca-mader, wicked-witch, wicked, storybrooke, once-upon-a-time-tv-show

Zelena Mug

by AnnaSassi

Tags: once upon a time, ouat, oncer, zelena

Tags: ouat, evil-queen, emma-swan, captain-hook, killian-jones


This design is inspired by the tv show, Once Upon A Time in which (SPOILER ALERT) Hades and Zelena were a romantic pair (in case you like or know Zelena and Hades from other stories). I ship these 2 characters like hell but I stopped watching OUAT cos I don’t like how the writers are making the show anymore. To be honest, what they did with this pair was the last straw for me. Zelena, by the way is OUAT’s version of Wicked Witch of the West (from Wizard of Oz or Wicked).

Tags: emblem, god-of-death, god-of-underworld, death, hell-witch

Zades Emblem Mug

by seasonsof7
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Tags: regina, rumpelstiltskin, mr-gold, storybrooke-maine, emma

Family Mug

by Jvosketches

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