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Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Onesies

Tags: anime, shoujo, cardcaptor, syaoran, cardcaptor-sakura-clear-card-arc

Tags: sakura, cardcaptor, card-captor-sakura, kero-chan, kero

Tags: cardcaptor, anime, cardcaptors, sakura, circle

Tags: cardcaptor-sakura, shaoran, cardcaptor-clear-arc, cardcaptors, cardcaptor


Sakura was originally done traditionally in marker and ink, Then she was edited digitally along with the background. Now she's even more magical!

Tags: clamp, humor, jurassic-world, raptor, kawaii

Tags: release, cardcaptor-sakura-clear-card, manga, magic-circle, ccscc

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Tags: card-captor-sakura, anime, manga, clear-card, clear-card-arc

Tags: cardcaptor-sakura-clear-card-arc, cardcaptor-sakura-clear-card, clear-card-arc, clear-cards, clear-card

Tags: cardcaptor, kero-chan, manga, sakura, li-syaoran


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