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Funemployed Onesies


Even Millennials are cutting deals to enter the job market! Trading Participations Trophies for Stock Options these days! - Let's wish them the best of luck out there in the job market. Though you can do some pretty sweet job searching in the dark, online, in your skivvies in your parents basement! Wearing this T-Shirt from VivaChas will kill two birds with one stone. Fresh T-Shirt and walking advertisement in that all important first interview! - Good Luck Out There! Times are Tough - - - or hadn't you noticed? - Haaaz! - All in Good Fun Gang! - All in Good Fun! ~;0) VivaChas!

Tags: liberal-arts, funemployed, unemployed-workers, millennials, no-job

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Make NEET your first choice for year-round unemployment! NEET provides the best protection against archaic societal norms. Self-deprecating? A bit. Snarky? For sure. But we should take pride in what we are. Don't let society pigeonhole you!

Tags: deredere, tsundere, yandere, neet, hikikomori


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