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Msnbc Onesies


Today's Special on the menu! The collusion "nothing burger" includes extra Russian dressing, bowl of borscht, boiled potato and vodka for a little more! Parody of Russian collusion story.

Tags: hamburger, campaign, rachel-maddow, msnbc, breaking-news


You have a date with her every night at 9 (8 central). Sometimes you even watch her in bed. You wish you could run your fingers through her short, shellacked for tv hair, but you know there are thousands of LEDs between the two of you. You're a Rachel Maddow Show viewer. Debunction Junction? Old hat. Sending you to prison at the end of every Friday night episode? Wow, you are a hardcore fan. You know she's not just the news--she's how you understand the news. She's the queen of cable and of your heart. Now show off how much you worship her! Wear her on your chest like a care bear. Super power--brains. I presented you with this unusually long intro in order to give you the history necessary for understanding HOW MUCH YOU NEED THIS DESIGN! Rachel would want it that way.

Tags: lesbian, geek, trump, gay, democrat

Queen Rachel Maddow Onesie

by Hoagiemouth
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What’s the best way to combat network fake news? With a FAKE shirt of course. This funny spoof on modern day political news was design by Funny Graphic T-Shirts. Fairly Unbalanced.

Tags: fake-news, news, cnn, fox-news, abc-news


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