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Azura Phone Cases


My drawing of Azura from Fire Emblem Fates, IMO my best drawing to date.

Tags: fire-emblem-sailor-moo, fire-emblem-conqu, fire-emblem-birth, fire-emblem-sacred-stones, camilla

Main Tag

Deadliest assassin in the game.

Tags: assassin, heroes-of-the-storm, diablo-iii, diablo, blizzard

Valla Phone Case

by DarkGeneral
$25 $22

Obliterate your enemies with the vintage triple barrel Facesmasher by Fault Line Firearms. This one-of-a-kind T-shirt will intimidate even the toughest of foes. -Designed by Jack Burrows-

Tags: western, logo, firearms, firearm, country

The Azura Facesmasher Phone Case

by SavageFxry
$25 $22

Tags: azura, nerevarine, nerevar, morrowind

Moon-And-Star Phone Case

by Hieronymus7Z
$25 $22

Azura from Fire Emblem Fates! Art by me

Tags: nintendo, fire-emblem-fates, gaming, video-games, azura

Princess Of Valla Phone Case

by Dragontamer75
$25 $20

Shigure from Fire Emblem!

Tags: blue, cute, chibi, nintendo, fanart

Gray Waves Phone Case

by lythweird
$25 $22

A burdened heart sinks into the ground, a veil falls away without a sound Not day nor night, wrong nor right, for truth and peace you fight... The invisible kingdom beckons--a path of grays and tears. Will you answer the call of secrets and silence? Remember to tag your V*lla.

Tags: revelations, vallite, corrin, awakening, fire-emblem-awakening

Vallite at Heart Phone Case

by StudioOgien
$25 $22

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