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Bloody Face Phone Cases

Tags: american-horror-story, ahs, freak-show, freakshow, americanhorrorstory

Esmerelda Phone Case

by AliyaStorm

Tags: x228pcx, twisty-the-clown, twisty, drip, murder-clowns

Bloody Face Phone Case

by jinigo1

AHS Masks

Tags: horror, mask, tate-langdon, evan-peters, bloody-face

AHS Masks Phone Case

by LVBart

EDM Music

Tags: best-selling, best-seller, hot, most-recent, trend

Bloody Marshmello Phone Case

by deansdesign

Tate's less formal way of asking you out

Tags: ahs, freak-show, freakshow, coven, americanhorrorstory

Wanna Hook Up? Phone Case

by kramcox

Tags: abstract, art, halloween-costume-party, halloween, scary


Spooky and Creepy Specter Zombie Portrait with Diabolic Red Eyes and Cracked Bloody, Cadaveric Skin. 3D Modelling Digital Art Design.

Tags: halloween, zombie-girl, ghost, specter, devil

Tags: abstract, art, conspiracy, monster, eye-colour

Sister Jude Phone Case

by cucubaou

Original art.

Tags: design, tooth-and-nail, tooth-nail, tooth, nail

Tooth + Nail Phone Case

by aGhostDream
Main Tag

I wanted to draw a pop art picture. Then I wanted to do something with an 80's color style. Then I wanted to draw something bloody. In the end, I just did all three.

Tags: illustration, 1980, 1980s, pop-art-with-pop-art, pop-art-girl

Pop Art Horror Show Phone Case

by willblackb4

Two nights without sleep, a marathon of 80's vampire flicks, and non-stop Siouxsie and the Banshees playing in the background. Apparently those ingredients result in this image.

Tags: girl, art, dracula, vampires, nosferatu


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