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Brooch Phone Cases

Tags: pretty-guardian-sailor-moon, bishoujo-senshi-sailor-moon, sailormoon, tsukino, tsukino-usagi

Moon Brooch Phone Case

by IamSare

sailor moon !

Tags: brooch, usagi-tsukino

Sailor Moon Brooch Phone Case

by owhalesumi

It's sailor moon's cereal, Crystal Crunch. This cereal has little Sailor moon crystals that are crunchy and transformation brooch marshmallows.

Tags: moon, luna, cereal-box, sailor-moon-cereal, tuxedo-mask


Fan art of Sailor Moon, featuring the transformation items used by the Sailor Scouts. A collaboration between Hyperlixir and MangoCats ! Grab your own handcrafted transformation brooch here — it’s the perfect match if you’re buying this as a t-shirt!

Tags: luna, transformation, brooch, crisis-moon, cosmic-heart

Make Up! Kit Phone Case

by Hyperlixir

Tags: sailor-scouts, sailor-soldier, sailor-senshi, sailor-guardians, serena

Moon Prism Power! Phone Case

by corzamoon

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