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Bruised Phone Cases

Tags: wounds, geeky, fight, quotes, comics

Bruised but not beaten Phone Case

by joshbaldwin391

Tags: flower, flower-crown, crown, warrior, girl

Flower Crown Phone Case

by EricaFeldArt

W.herever I may cut O.ver this surface U.nderneath the skin N.othing should appear D.own the scars already made (S.o my hands will be quiet)

Tags: migraine, headache, nightmare, undeaqd, hurt

Main Tag

This painting is available to buy as prints until the original is sold, after that it will only be able to be bought as shirts, cases, etc. If you are interested in buying this original (which has some metallic and glittery aspects) please contact me through bubble mail or on my instagram, hiibrohpilia.

Tags: design, illustration, graphic, kawaii, art

Slightly Bruised Phone Case

by shotaconfilth

Bruised Bear

Tags: kids-clothes, kids-character


A sadden bruised up friend

Tags: banana-peel, bruised, rotten-fruit, fruit, slime

Bruised Banana Phone Case

by Pokepony64

Perfect gift for a fan of the Greatest Showman

Tags: hugh-jackman, zac-efron, the-greatest-showman-quote, zendaya


"Boozed, Bruised, and Tattooed." This design represents the gritty, rough and tumble lifestyle of those that live on the fringe of so called "society." You take no shit and give zero fucks. God help the next person that says your beard is "hipster!"

Tags: boozer, booze, moustache, bare-knuckles-boxing, boxer

Tags: elephant, donkey, political-campaign, presidential-campaign, 2016-election


Perfect gift for a fan!

Tags: zac-efron, hugh-jackman, the-greatest-showman-quote, zendaya


It's a smiley, beat-up monster face.

Tags: teeth, beat-up, smiley-face, monster, face


Salt Water Cures All Wounds

Tags: salt, water, cures, all, wounds


In PORCODISENO, we offer you an array of different creative and unique product designs. Whether it is for common holidays or events (Christmas, Chinese New Year, birthday, etc.), for a specific set of people (Chinese people, Christian, programmer, graphic designer, etc.), a matching design (couple, family, best friends, etc.) or a collectible, just name it, we all have it! To see all our designs, simply click on our brand name; it's the link located above this product description. Buy now! Each purchase or a good comment highly supports the artist. Physical product by Teepublic. Design by PORCODISENO Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.

Tags: brave, i-am-brave-i-am-bruised-i-am-who-i-am-meant-to-be-this-is-me, bruised, inspirational, actor

Tags: artist, ryan-genovese, rynoarts, illustration, vector

Get Rekt Phone Case

by RynoArts

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