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Cern Phone Cases

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Are you ready for another Big Bang? How about a rip between alternate dimensions? Demons rising up from Hell? An unpredictable world where free people elect madmen to rule? That's right... Armageddon may be closer than you think!

Tags: mandela-effect, physics, oops, alternate-universe, conspiracy

ConCERNed Citizen Phone Case

by ReBunkers

You could be an alpha particle, or a positron for that matter, but a proton would be pretty cool anyway, wouldn't it?

Tags: x131sx, quantum-mechanics, alpha-particle, chemistry, chemist


A beautifully simple mathematical equation – The standard model lagrangian. Expanded out in all its gory details, this equation allows you to calculate everything other than Gravity that happens in the universe. If you want to know why the sky is blue, why nuclei stick together, in principle, you can calculate it from this equation. Check out more physics T shirts here

Tags: science t shirts, lagrangian t shirt, physics t shirt, standard model t shirt, standard model


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