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Con Man Phone Cases

Tags: kaylee-frye, zoe-washburne, hoban-washburne, jayne-cobb, simon-tam

Bring Back Spectrum Phone Case

by bigdamnbrowncoats
$25 $22

If you find yourself the victim of a white collar crime, then perhaps you need the talents of Burke & Caffrey. Of course, I’m referring to FBI Agent Peter Burke and the multi-talented former con artist Neal Caffrey. He’s also a skilled forger, thief and counterfeiter. You know the old saying, to catch a criminal, you need to think like one.

Tags: conman, con-man, con-artist, tim-dekay, matt-bomer


How are things with Cheesy on the Outside?

Tags: captain-hammer, joss-whedon, whedon, dr-horrible, doctor-horrible

Captain Hammer - Doctor Who? Phone Case

by DustinReschDotCom
$25 $20

Andrew George Scott may not have been the most successful bushranger or even the best suited to the bushranging lifestyle but he is still the most renowned gay bushranger. Leading a gang of boys in a short, violent criminal career including his boyfriend Jimmy Nesbitt, Captain Moonlite was an eccentric through and through. Having served in the Maori Wars and worked for a time as a lay preacher on the Australian goldfields, Scott frequently found himself in trouble with authorities.

Tags: australia, australian-history, rogue, history, captain-moonlight

Captain Moonlite Phone Case

by Australian_Bushranging
$25 $22

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