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Conan Doyle Phone Cases


That famous silhouette of the World’s Greatest Detective pieced together from titles of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Tags: sherlock, typography, the-canon, holmes, detective

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Tags: dverissimo, designstudio, sherlock, holmes, watson


A new version of my MoriarTea design

Tags: funny, conan-doyle, britain, london, detective

MoriarTea (new) Phone Case

by sirwatson

There's nothing worse than your sidekick distracting you with inane questions while you're trying to focus on your mind palace.

Tags: sherlock, holmes, 221b, watson, mind-palace


This fun design, which pays homage to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary detective Sherlock Holmes is ideal for "problem-solvers" in any line of work. When faced with a particularly difficult case, Holmes was prone to remark to Watson, "This is a three pipe problem!"

Tags: quote, detective, pipe, classics, catchprase


The silhouette of the most famous detective in London, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and now a trend because of the movies and TV series.

Tags: sherlock, detective, conan-doyle, england, tv-series

Sherlock Holmes Phone Case

by tuditees

Tags: holmes, cumberbatch, book, benedict, tv-shows

Baker Street Phone Case

by LivStark

Tags: sherlock, holmes, watson, 221b-baker-street, 221b


1 of a series of 5. Inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes.

Tags: big-ben, conan-doyle, dverissimo, designstudio, red

Tags: sherlock, glasses, otaku, cute, anime

The TRUTH Phone Case

by PsychoDelicia

Tags: sherlock, british-tv, english-tv-quotes, british-tv-quotes, drama

Tags: british-tv, english-tv-quotes, british-tv-quotes, drama, crime

Tags: wrong, sherlock, bbc, benedict-cumberbatch, martin-freeman

Tags: crown, queen, royalty, sherlock, bbc


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