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Diapers Phone Cases

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Little baby zombie enjoying a brain ice cream.

Tags: blood, brain, candy, cartoon, character


by AnishaCreations
$25 $22

Tags: kurt, guitar, rugrats, music, childhood


We deal with your crap!

Tags: crap, funny, diapers, humor, silly

Ideal Diaper Service Phone Case

by DogfordStudios
$25 $22

Look at you adulting like a big boy! Let them know that you are a responsible grown up who knows how to man up and deal with it. Or maybe you need this as inspiration for days when you just want to put on your diapers and take a nap. Great for someone who just got a new job, graduated high school or college or bought a new house. Funny for a toddler or kid who is potty training and is proud to announce he is a big boy like the grown ups.

Tags: grown-up, responsible, manly-man, funny, grown


Babies and young children work harder than you think. Who do you think fills all those dirty diapers?

Tags: girl, baby, baby-humor, diaper-humor, toddler


Funny diaper duty gift for parents! For new mom and dad or the veteran diaper changer. Featuring a wide eyed parent wearing a hazard gas mask and bio-hazard sign with bright green splatter background. Diaper Duty gift. Funny gift for any parent with a young child. Great for Mothers Day and Fathers Day.

Tags: fathers-day, stinky, fun, smelly, diaper-change


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