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Feathered Serpent Phone Cases


Drawing of the mythological winged serpent.

Tags: rainbow-serpent, mythical-creatures, mythology, mayan, snakes


Drawing of the mythological feathered serpent.

Tags: animal, mayan, mythical-creatures, aztec-serpent, serpent


The Hunab Ku sumbol. Hunab Ku is a Yucatec Maya term meaning "The One God". Domingo Martínez Parédez interpreted Hunab Ku as evidence for Maya monotheism and suggested that it was represented by the symbols of a square within a circle or a circle within a square, the square representing measurement and the circle representing motion. Martínez related Hunab Ku to concepts and symbols in Freemasonry, particularly the idea of a Great Architect of the Universe and the Masonic square and compass.

Tags: god, maya, aztec, quetzalcoatl, symbol

HUNAB KU Phone Case

by MacBain

Different interpretation of the mesoamerican feathered serpent.

Tags: mythical, mythical-creatures, myths, aztec-mythology, mythology


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