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Firestarter Phone Cases

Tags: funny, crazy, psycho, burn, nintendo

Firestarter Phone Case

by BlancaVidal

Tags: maxim-reality, liam-howlett, keith-flint, prodigy, firestarter


Harness your inner firestarter today! For Ages 3 and Up.

Tags: fire, horror, firestarter, stephen-king, 70s


Here we have a little girl with explosive talent! This illustration series aims to represent these strong female horror monsters and villains in bold, simple colors and shapes. It’s a labor of love and blood!

Tags: horrorfan, horrorgirl, horrorwomen, art, violentfemmes

Tags: metal, rock, pyro, paperback, stranger-things

Pyrokinesis Phone Case

by Johanpele

Charmander wears a Charizard costume! :)

Tags: design, animal, gaming, oldschool, old-school


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