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Friends Quotes Phone Cases



Tags: valentine, valentines-day, hes-her-lobster, friends, youre-my-lobster

Tags: friends, tv, television, show, netflix

Friends - Seven Phone Case

by quotationpark

Tags: friends-quote, friends-tv-show-quotes, monica-and-rachel, rachel-and-monica, real-world

Tags: monica-geller, rachel-green, chandler-fans, friends-tv-show, chandler-bing


How you doin'? ~Joey Tribbiani

Tags: friends-quotes, friends-quote, friendship, how-you-doing, friends-tv

Tags: friendstv, friends-tv, friends-quotes, phoebe-buffay, friends-quote

Tags: central-perk, ross-geller, friends-tv, rachel-green, monica-geller

Tags: regina-falange, central-perk, friends-quotes, friends-quote, phoebe-buffay

Regina Falange Phone Case

by DarthRen

Tags: joey, chandler, monica, phoebe, friends-tv-show


What happens when Friends hit the dab!

Tags: friends-quotes, friends-quote, monica-geller, rachel-green, friends

Dabbin Friends Phone Case

by MoneylineTees

Tags: moo-point, friends-quote, friends-tv, friends-quotes, joey-tribbiani

Moo Point Phone Case

by MomenteDesign

Tags: ross-geller, phoebe-buffay, rachel-green, monica-geller, friends-quote


The duo of Friends.

Tags: phoebe, rachel, best-friends, chandler, friends-quotes

Monica+Chandler Phone Case

by bctaskin

Rachel Green Monica Geller Ross Geller Chandler Bing Phoebe Buffay Joey Tribbiani -FRIENDS

Tags: phoebe-buffay, monica-geller, friends-sitcom, rachel-green, new-york


Get your I'm So Freaking Cold shirt for that friend of yours that is always cold, unless you are that friend! :) Perfect gift for Christmas!

Tags: friends-tv, friendly, friendship-is-magic, friendship, friends-quotes


For the freaky friend

Tags: friends, friends-quote, ross-geller, phoebe-buffay, central-perk


For the freaky friend

Tags: fun, rachel-green, central-perk, joey-tribbiani, chandler-bing

Tags: x925skq, friends-quote, friends-quotes, joey-tribbiani, central-perk


Go down to the ministry...of...names and changes yours to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock! Or, just buy this shirt and pretend you did!

Tags: friends, friendstv, friends-tv-show-design, friends-tv, ross-geller

Tags: ross-geller, friends-tv, chandler-bing, phoebe, joey-tribbiani

Friends Show Montage Phone Case

by BeverlyHoltzem

Tags: chandler-bing, ross-geller, central-perk, phoebe-buffay, friends-tv

Tags: joey-tribbiani, friends, rachel-green, friends-tv, phoebe-buffay

Tags: joey-tribiani, joey-and-chandler, bromance, bro, england

Tags: pregnancy, pregnant, mommy-to-be, maternity, friends-quotes


For your friend who is just like Monica

Tags: friends-tv, rachel-green, monica-geller, rachel, monica


The giant white dog from "Friends".

Tags: tv, tvshow, tv-series, tv-shows, tvseries

Pat The Dog Phone Case

by tuditees

I'm her Thelma, and she's my Louise! This Thelma and Louise shirt is symbolic of the friendship you and your bestie share.

Tags: friendship, friend, friends, girlfriends, friends-quote


I'm her Louise, and she's my Thelma! This Thelma and Louise shirt is symbolic of the friendship you and your bestie share.

Tags: bffs, thelma-louise, friendship-is-magic, friends-quotes, best-friend-forever


some classic things from the tv show Friends! Central Perk, "Friends", Monica's door frame, the couch and Victorian lamp.

Tags: friends-tv, central-perk, friends-tv-show, friends-couch, monicas-door

Iconic Friends Phone Case

by birchandbark

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