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Gwyndolin Phone Cases


Drink the fire of life! Seek souls! Seek the king!

Tags: praise-the-sun, dark-souls, solaire-of-astora, demon-souls, sunlight-parma


Wake up and praise the sun!

Tags: bonfire, knight-solaire, solaire, souls, praise-the-sun

dark souls Phone Case

by Crowsmack

Tags: dark-souls, dark-souls-3, game, gaming, games


Gwyndolin is the leader of the Blades of the Darkmoon. I'm really found of his wonderful and detailed design, especially his helm. Hope you enjoy this!

Main Tag

So what if one of them is a man. All still waifu status? Family portrait?

Tags: gamer, fromsoft, atlus, video-games, game

Dark Waifus Phone Case

by shadyfolk

Tags: gwyndolin, dark-souls-boss, videogame, videogamers, videogames

The Dark Sun Phone Case

by RhunaArt

From that videogame masterpiece known as Dark Souls (Fromsoftware, 2011), a t-shirt that stresses the importance of Knight Oscar's Estus flask (those health potions, you know) in a form you never saw... well, sort of. For the curious, the address at the bottom refers to the first bonfire of the existing 43 in the game, the one sited in the northern Undead Asylum. :-D

Tags: demons, dark-souls, estus, estus-flask, astora


Artorias - Helmet (Dark Souls)

Tags: smough-and-ornstein, smough, lord-of-cinder, ornstein, gwyndolin

Tags: demons, souls, bloodborne, praise-the-sun, solaire


With Gavlan, you wheel? You deal! Gah hah!

Tags: firelink-shrine, lost-izalith, lord-gwyn, ash-lake, anor-londo

Tags: dark-souls-3, souls, bloodborne, praise-the-sun, solaire

Tags: anime, fantasy, demons, solaire, knight-solaire


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