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Heating Phone Cases


Harry Tuttle is a freelance heating engineer. He doesn’t work with Central Services. In fact there are plenty of people who would like to get their hands on him, including Information Retrieval. You can’t be too careful out there, especially if you don’t have a form 27B/6.

Tags: science-fiction, brazil, terry-gilliam, harry-tuttle, call-of-duty


The Wet Bandits cruise in style while scoping out your neighborhood.

Tags: mcallister, kevin, harry, marv, van


In the movie Home Alone, the Wet Bandits patrol potential neighborhoods in their OH-KAY Plumbing and Heating van to scope out their next heist. Maybe Harry and Marv would have blended in better if their t-shirts matched their van logo.

Tags: harry-lime, home-alone-kevin, home-alone-2, movie, holiday


If there’s anything that Harry and Marv deserve credit for, it’s being persistent, especially after encountering Buzz’s tarantula, getting clobbered by paint cans, dealing with a face full of feathers, and stepping on ornaments in bare feet. Kevin eventually asks them, “You guys give up or ya thirsty for more?” Wear this t-shirt to scare off your own neighborhood Wet Bandits.

Tags: kevin mccallister, kevin, harry, marv, oh kay


Order yourself this awesome design, then enjoy your holiday season (or any other time of year). And get yourself a cheese pizza, ya filthy animal.

Tags: christmas-sweater, kevin-mccallister, home-alone-movie, joe-pesci, daniel-stern


Terrifying, Its a scary one.

Tags: space, 80s, ripley, nostromo, weyland

XenoPhobia Phone Case

by paintchips

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