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Holy Water Phone Cases


"Holy Water" is subjective. To some, alcohol is the true holy water, because it does actually fight demons, personal ones that is. (Maybe it's poor taste to make jokes about both alcoholism and holy water, but eh what are you gonna do? )

Tags: drink, alcoholic, booze, frat, drinking

Tags: get-off-my-pole, madonna, lyrics, music, pop-culture

B**ch get off my pole Phone Case

by sergiovarela

Essential items you will need to repel the oncoming zombie/vampire.robot/alien/monster invasion. Includes: Bible, Garlic, Stake, Sunlight, Flaming Torch, Crucifix, Chainsaw,Silver Bullets, Pitchfork, Mirror, Shotgun & Holy Water

Tags: films, cinema, horror, bible, garlic


Traditional sub-weapons of Castlevania.

Tags: art, alucard, geek, nerd, pixelated


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