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Last Week Tonight Phone Cases


I really do.

Tags: daily-show, jon-stewart, last-week-tonight, john-oliver


John Oliver is my spirit animal.

Tags: vector, political, last-week-tonight, john-oliver

John Oliver Phone Case

by TomTrager
$25 $22

Tags: last-week-tonight, this-week-tonight-with-john-oliver, john-oliver, congress, republicans


Yay science! My vaccines still work.

Tags: science, last-week-tonight, polio, john, oliver

Didn't Get Polio Phone Case

by BignellArt
$25 $22

With the announcement of John Oliver set to play Zazu in the upcoming Lion King remake, this is an image I can never unsee.

Tags: last-week-tonight, lion, simba, zazu, john-oliver


We have some Bad Hombres here!

Tags: drumpf, nasty-woman, cinco-de-mayo, last-week-tonight, john-oliver

Bad Hombre Phone Case

by valentinpereda
$25 $22


Tags: trump, donald-trump, donald-drumpf, make-donald-drumpf-again

DRUMPF Phone Case

by aliciahasthephonebox
$25 $22

Tags: 2016, presidential, elections, politics, last-week-tonight


Lord Buckethead claims to be an intergalactic space lord. His name and costume are derived from the 1984 cult sci-fi comedy Hyperspace (also known as Gremloids, the name of Lord Buckethead's party) by writer and director Todd Durham. Promising "strong, not entirely stable leadership"! Vote Buckethead!

Tags: john-oliver, last-week-tonight, oliver, this-week-tonight-with-john-oliver, uk


A constant reminder for the next four years, thanks to Last Week Tonight. A four-year slogan that doesn't include the word America.

Tags: politics, donald-trump, trump, last-week-tonight, john-oliver

This Is Not Normal Phone Case

by Kiaxet
$25 $20

Show the world the man who killed the internet.

Tags: clinton, trump, voting, fcc, net-neutrality

A Shit Pie Phone Case

by hellomammoth
$25 $22

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