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Lok Phone Cases


Korra and Asami training. Disclaimer: these character do not belong to me. They belong to Bryan Konietzko, Michael Dante DiMartino, and Nickelodeon. This is just fanart and I do not claim any ownership of the characters featured.

Tags: asami, asami-sato, avatar-korra, legend-of-korra, korrasami-fan-art


This is to mark an end of an era. What better way can you do that other than by showing your support for your favourite Pro-Bending team !? GO FIRE FERRETS!

Tags: vintage, avatar, korra, aang, bending


Platform 9 3/4 - take the trip of your dreams!

Tags: harrypottershirt, artdeco, magic, moon, platform-9-3-4

Main Tag

Tags: legend of korra, lok, avatar, a:lok, .alok

Avatar Korra Phone Case

by strikeclass

Tags: i-do-what-i-want, team-lok, chibi-loki, avengers, cute


Symbol of the White Lotus from the Avatar series.

Tags: legend-of-korra, lok, tlok, avatar, the-last-airbender


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