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Multidimensional Phone Cases


The Thinker

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#rodin Phone Case

by presleyarts

Alchemy: Alchemy is an early form of chemical science that examines the nature of substances. It is also a type of philosophy that studies the cosmos and mankind's role in the universe. Alchemy developed a language offigurative symbolism. Alchemy was used mostly during the Medieval Times by monks and scientists. Alchemy originated in Egypt around 300BC. There is also a legend that states that Alchemy was founded by the Greek God Hermes. Technically, Greek scientists were the ones who truly started the study of Alchemy. It was discovered when those Greek scientists were trying to change common metals in to gold. Even though they were unable to truly turn metals into gold, they were able to make copper look like gold by using mercury. Alchemy extended from Egypt to the Middle East; and even to Western Europe. Alchemists: Alchemists had two major goals. They were to (1) change elements such as lead and other metals in to gold and (2) to find the "elixir of life". Such elixir would supposedly cure illness, restore one's youth, and create a long life. It was also said to give one immortality. Alchemists worked in stone-walled laboratory in room temperature (in order to create cold fusion).

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