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Mutated Phone Cases

Tags: humor, comics, weird, mutated, doodle

Mouse Deer Phone Case

by Kk56
$25 $20
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Welp, this is what happens when you mess with gmos.

Tags: x131sx, fork, vegetable, dean-cole-design, mutated


The RadStag is one of the few majestic creatures in the modern wasteland - now in white!

Tags: fallout, white, ornate, deco, paisley

White RadStag Phone Case

by Jezzibug
$25 $22
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The story goes.. a secret mission to the dark side of the moon, where an unknown astronaut encounters a strange looking tentacled multi-eyed creature, and FWOOM!! He gets hit with some weird beam energy, and transforms into the Giant Space Werewolf MUNOKAM! Will the astronaut be saved? Will he find his alien foe, BULBOZUR? Will this movie ever be made? Stay tuned... This is the 26th Detroit Kaiju painting I've done in the series.

Tags: movie, japanese-monsters, japanese, giant-monsters, science-fiction


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