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Mutenroshi Phone Cases


Master Roshi, also known as the Turtle Hermit, is a master of martial arts, who trained Gohan, Ox-King, Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha. He has a sister named Fortuneteller Baba.

Tags: martial-heaven-old-master, martial-arts-teacher, turtle-boy, muten-roushi, juckie-chun

Master Roshi Phone Case

by Woodworking

Tags: akira-toriyama, kame-hame-ha, dragon-ball, majin-buu, tengo-hambre

I'm Hungry! Phone Case

by PsychoDelicia

Tags: vegeta, saiyan, super-saiyan, gohan, piccolo

Fight Night Phone Case

by Martina1982

Mashup dragon ball and reservoir dogs.

Tags: quentin-tarantino, dragon-ball-mashup, tarantino, reservoir-dogs, manga

Reservoir Kame Phone Case

by Melonseta

Master Roshi's Turtle Academy

Tags: goku, muten-roshi, songoku, super-saiyan-god, kame-house


ROSHI - Dragon Ball/ Comic Style

Tags: comics, mutenroshi, muten-roshi, manga, gohan

Main Tag

Visit the paradise "Turtle Island" and enjoy the sun and the beach!

Tags: dragon-ball, super-saiyan, samiel, bola-de-dragon, kame-house

Turtle Island Phone Case

by Samiel

Are u a hentai?

Tags: roshi, songoku, muten-roshi, mutenroshi, dragon

Tags: fight, kame, kame-sennin, mutenroshi, chichi

Fight Night 04 Phone Case

by godhand

Saiyan Sun

Tags: trending-cases, quotes, japanese, popular, goku

Saiyan Sun Phone Case

by saqman

Tags: dragonball-z, shen-long, training-to-go, one-punch-man, dragonball

Surprise Phone Case

by mimilo

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