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Oden Phone Cases


The raven have been an important symbol in pagan mythology in many parts of the world. In Norse mythology the two ravens, Hugin and Munin, where believed to part of Odin, the God of knowledge, war and death. Hugin and Munin would fly around the world and gather information and knowledge and they would also help the Valkyries to decide which fallen warriors that would be chosen to enter Valhalla. This was believed to be the reason why soldiers would see gatherings of ravens above battlefields.

Tags: raven, skull, bird, prey, death

Raven and Skull Phone Case

by Nicklas81
$25 $20

The Lost King, Oden Randorsson, from the Game, Ravingspire, Assault on the Tower of Madness!

Tags: odin, barbarian, oden, he-man, ravingspire

Tags: asgaard, tor, thor, oden, odin

Hydrasil / Yggdra Phone Case

by HenkusFilijokus
$25 $22

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