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Rikku Phone Cases


T-shirt from Final Fantasy X :)

Tags: fantasy, abes, final-fantasy-x, final-fantasy-10


KH and Naruto characters are just so... similar?

Tags: sasuke, kairi, rikku, sora, rpg

Konoha Hearts Phone Case

by DarQaris

All the characters from Final Fantasy X

Tags: final-fantasy, final-fantasy-x, tidus, yuna, rikku

Final Fantasy X Phone Case

by degdesign

“I’ve been having these weird thoughts lately… like is any of this for real… or not?” -Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

Tags: donald-duck, video-games, mickey-mouse, kingdom-hearts, fantasy


Collaboration with Harry Gordon (Omega Man 5000!)

Tags: fantasy, omega-man-5000, harry-gordon, lulu, ffx

The Guardian Phone Case

by MeganLara

Yuna and her Aeons

Tags: fantasy, ffx, yuna, final-fantasy-10, tidus

Protect her Phone Case

by Spedy1993

Tags: fantasy, playstation, playstation-2, video-games, final-fantasy-10

Tags: gaming, illustration, design, mashup, pop-culture

Tags: fantasy, sora, keyblade, heartless, kingdom

Main Tag

Tags: heartless, rikku, keyblade, hearts, kingdom


" In Kingdom Hearts II, Kairi wrote a letter to Sora. She wrote it the day before Roxas's mind made contact with Kairi's. She put it in the water at the coast of the mainland, explaining to her friend Selphie that she started to remember Sora's name. " (http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/)

Tags: fantasy, walt-disney, kh3, goofy, disney


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