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Short Person Phone Cases


Fed up with people calling you short? Get this funny fun sized design!

Tags: short-person, funny, humor, midget, short

Not Short Fun Size Phone Case

by thingsandthings
$25 $20

Short hair, don’t care!

Tags: girl, modern, lavendar, chubby, short-person

Ethereal Cutie Phone Case

by Twiranux
$25 $20
Main Tag

I'm not short. I'm just more down to earth.

Tags: vertically-challenged, funny, fun, funny-saying, humor


i'm not short, i'm just a tall elf.funny elf christmas shirt for family.

Tags: happy-holidays, elf-shoes, elf, christmas, elves


If you're like the 'angry elf' from Elf the movie, or know someone that is, then this is the perfect design for you

Tags: christmas-sweater, elf-quotes, christmas-jumper, anti-christmas, christmas

Elf - I'm an angry elf Phone Case

by quotationpark
$25 $22

I'm not short, I'm just fun size! Or, if you want, you can tell people, I'm not short, I'm just a tall elf! Perfect short joke design for the cute elf lover, short person, short people, or short girl in your life! Short people gifts.

Tags: short-person, im-not-short-im-just-a-tall-elf, short-people-gifts, short-people, im-not-short


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