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Slither Phone Cases


Cold Slither

Tags: dreadnoks, zartan, cold-slither, snek, snake


Hissy hissy little snakey, slither on the floor... Painted digitally!

Tags: slytherin-gift, snake-lover, snake-pet, reptiles, scales

Bright Green Snake Phone Case

by polliadesign
Main Tag

Beautiful pattern graphic of six snakes with the popular and stylish Scottish tartan diamonds. If you like argyle socks and sweaters why not snakes? Great gift for a snake lover who has a friendly pet "snek" like the popular internet meme. No one would step on these fancy sneks.

Tags: tartan-pattern, scottish, socks, slither, no-step-on-snek


Are snakes your spirit animal? Do you love their slither, hiss, fangs, bite, rattle? These creepy yet fascinating reptiles with their scales are easy to be obsessed over. This unique, cool, awesome, funny shirt makes the perfect birthday, christmas, or gift for any occasion.

Tags: i love snakes, snakes are cool, snakelover, slither, hiss


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