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Tetrahedron Phone Cases


A Special Edition Star Tetrahedrons T Shirt Inspired By Emerald Tablets Thoth Hermes Trismegistus Thrice Great, Mercury or Mercurius ter Maximus, Or Egyptian Thoth Giza Pyramid Sphinx Builder. Gift A Vibrant Emerald Metatrons Cube TShirt That Will Turn Heads And Start Conversations About Ark of Covenant, Star of David, and Enoch. A Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Star Merkaba Mandala T-Shirt.

Tags: hermetic-seal, enoch, hermes, atlantis, hermetic


Platonic Solids, Building Blocks Of Life, Mathematics, Geometry

Tags: triangles, triangle, phi, fiction, science


Also called the Merkaba(h), the geometric and energetic representation of the human body, heaven and earth, male and female. Two interlocking halves that represent positive and negative which form a perfect equilibrium.

Tags: festival, techno, yoga, mandala, zen

Star Tetrahedron Phone Case

by ZenCandy

Merkaba, Metatrons Cube, Sacred Geometry, Star Tetrahedron

Tags: power, new-age, signs, sign, symbols


Give The Perfect Sacred Geometry Art Gift Idea With This Star Tetrahedron Mandala for Science Lovers And Sacred Geometry Lovers. A Universal Sacred Geometry Merkaba Featuring the Amazing Space Time Geometry Mandala of Creation.

Tags: star-tetrahedron, mandala, mandalas, geometric-patterns, star-of-david

Tags: photography, car, retro, tetrahedron, classic

Tags: paradise, beach, geometry, photography, sun


Sacred geometry dharma neon octagon mandala

Tags: sacred-geometry, occult, pointillism, stippling, neotraditional


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