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Operation Uphold Democracy - In September 1994, the 1st Brigade of the 10th Mountain Division, which included 1-87 Infantry, conducted the Army's first Air Assault operation from the deck of a naval vessel, the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69), in support of Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti. This was the Army's first air operation from a naval vessel since the Doolittle Raid of World War II.

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Operation Just Cause - On 20 December 1989, the executive order was given to put Operation Just Cause into effect. Task Force "Wildcat" (5th Battalion, 87th Infantry) attacked and seized critical objectives in Panama City to include the Balboa DENI (Direccion Especial Nacional de Investigaciones), the PDF's investigative branch, the DNTT (Direccion Nacional de Transporte Terrestre, which served as the Headquarters of the National Police), the Ancon DENI, and the PDF Engineer complex on Albrook AFB. Each of these objectives lay astride the key lines of communication into the center of Panama city. In the days following the initial assault, TF 5-87 conducted stability operations and was involved in the security of the Santa Felipe, Santa Anna, El Marana, and Chorillo sections of the city. During the remainder of the operation, TF Wildcat secured key sites in Panama City and reacted to security and civil military tasking.

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On 16 July 1981 the group was reorganized and redesignated as the 16th Military Police Brigade (Airborne). Since Vietnam, the brigade headquarters has deployed around the world in support of XVIII Airborne Corps and on-going Army operations. In October 1983, the headquarters was sent to Grenada in support of Operation Urgent Fury. In March 1988, the brigade went to Panama in support of southern command's operation to secure US civilians and property and to protect the canal. In September 1989, the brigade was sent to Saint Croix in the US Virgin Islands to restore law and order and protect property following hurricane Hugo. In December 1989, the brigade again went to Panama this time in support of Operation Just Cause and Promote Liberty during which the brigade was instrumental in standing up the Panamanian police force. in August 1990, the brigade deployed to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in support of operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. The brigade was later recognized for its hard work in the desert with their third Meritorious Unit Commendation. September 1992 the brigade went to Florida to assist in disaster relief following hurricane Andrew. In September 1994, the brigade was sent to Haiti to support Operation Uphold Democracy.

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The 87th Infantry Regiment is an infantry regiment in the United States Army. The regiment's 1st and 2nd Battalions are light infantry units assigned to the 1st and 2nd Brigade Combat Teams respectively of the 10th Mountain Division located at Fort Drum, New York. Around 1991, the 3rd Battalion was active in the U.S. Army Reserve in Colorado.

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