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Wheelchairlife Phone Cases


Black woman with afro wearing a pink and orange outfit doing a wheelie on her purple chair with her left fist in the air.

Tags: wheelchairlife, wheelchair, intersectional-feminism, disabled, disability-rights


Wheelchairs Mean Freedom! in black bold letters

Tags: disabled-pride, wheelchairdontcare, wheelchairlife, wheelchair, accessibility

Wheelchairs Mean Freedom! Phone Case

by DissentClothing

Woman with brown hair in a gold halterneck, black leggings and red sandals riding a cherry scooter with her right arm raised in a fist with the words "Disability Is An Intersection" above her.

Tags: spoonie, chronic-illness, wheelchairlife, mobility, scooter


Using a wheelchair can be difficult at first, both mentally and physically. However, just because you're handicapped, it doesn't mean you're any less capable than anyone else. Stay strong, and keep fighting. That wheelchair can't keep you down!

Tags: disabled-vet, handicapped-veteran, handicapped-vet, disabled-athlete, wheelchairdontcare


Perfect for that wheelchair user that loves to live life.

Tags: disabled, disableddog, disabledveteran, disabledlife-disabledmodel, disabledcat


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