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Anger Issues Stickers


I don't have a problem with anger I have a problem with idiots

Tags: idiot, idiots, funny, funny-quote, anger

I don't have a problem with anger Sticker

by madeinchorley
$2.50 $2.00

5 things you should know about my grandpa

Tags: backyard, shovel, marksman, my-grandpa, grandpa


Are you anxious and stressed at your job? Time for final exams? Are the kids driving you crazy? This is the perfect way to let everyone know how you feel.

Tags: humor, anxiety, stress, anger-management, anger-issues

Tags: thewalkingdead, the-walking-dead, halloween, bones, skeleton

Walk away Sticker

by Manura

Black and red text that says "I don't have a short temper i have a quick reaction to bullshit". The black text is in a simple font and the red is in a more styled design font. "Short temper" and "bullshit" is red and the rest black.

Tags: anger-issues, humor, i-dont-have-a-short-temper, i-have-a-quick-reaction-to-bullshit, quick-reaction


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