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Igloo Stickers

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Tags: eskimo, winter, america, native, snow

Igloo Sticker

by linesdesigns
$2.50 $2

Two pastel coloured penguins holding hands outside their igloo. But wait.. Penguins are not pink and blue Penguins don’t have hand Penguins don’t live in igloos These are Hoiho, Yellow Eyed Penguins from New Zealand … despite all this what we have here is a cute, fun, romantic art work. It was fun to make too!

Tags: cold places, cold, penguins, penguin, antarctica

Penguins and Igloo Sticker

by mailboxdisco
$2.50 $2

Know your Bro

Tags: bros, brothers, igloo, urban-dictionary, eskimo

Eskimo Brothers Sticker

by MR2Imaging
$2.50 $2

Tags: lights, aurora, borealis, north, northern

Tags: atari-2600, atari-cartridge, atari-7800, atari-8bit, atari

Tags: architecture, architect, architectural-design, trust-me-im, trust-me

Trust me I'm an architect Sticker

by stockimagefolio1979
$2.50 $2

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