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Uncool Tank Tops

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Channelling my inner old person here. Who is way too quickly becoming my outer old person as well. I can already hear the old people groaning about how I'm not old, but ask anyone under 18 and I'm ancient.

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Out of touch Tank Top

by StillInBetaDesigns

Tags: uncool, liked, cool, instafamous, instagrammer

1 like Tank Top

by spncr

I think it is fair to say that some Dads do things that are really Dad like (Dadish). Trying to be cool, but really being a little embarrassing. Wearing t-shirts that warn you to look after their daughter. Playing music that is so uncool in the car. Whistling as they walk through town. Looking around car yards / auto dealers for no reason. There are a million other examples. This design is a fun gift for all those Dads who really are the " "WORLDS MOST DADEST DADS"

Tags: happy-fathers-day, fathers-day, dad, funny-gift-for-day, fathers-day-gift

Worlds Best Dad Tank Top

by mailboxdisco

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