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Chibby Throw Pillows

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This is the season of the year that the guava tree gives us some fruit so we make jam from them

Tags: sweet, sweetie, rabbit, chibby, chiby

Guava Jam Pillow

by Hibueras_League

This a one happy Pancake, relaxing and covered in syrup. This is the first of a collection of silly dessert themed designs, they will vary from sweet breakfast foods to sweet desserts with many silly facial expressions. You like it, please leave me a comment with any ideas that you would like on a t-shirt and thanks again for checking out my work. If you wanna see more art work or break downs of my work follow me here http://aaniallbyrne.blogspot.ie/ https://twitter.com/Phoenix_tweetin http://madmanwithagraphicstablet.tumblr.com/

Tags: pancakes, tasty-pancake, maple-syrup, breakfast, funny-breakfast

Tasty Pancake Pillow

by niallbyrne

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