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Kimberly Sterling (Hugh & West)

Cleveland, OH, Earth Prime
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Rogue One inspired Christmas design

Tags: quotes, funny, humor, movie, science-fiction

Main Tag

covered in cat hair - inverted colors

Tags: lettering, hand-lettering, typography, banner, cat-lady

Main Tag

always covered in cat hair

Tags: banner, hand-lettering, typography, funny, humor


a silly little flamingo tangled in Christmas lights and wearing a santa hat

Tags: fa-la-la-lamingo, fa-la-la-la-la, funny-christmas, silly, string-lights


Ain't No Hood Like Motherhood

Tags: pink, pastel, floral, flowers, child


evergreen tree sprigs against a black and white striped pattern

Tags: background, green, nature, forest, winter


mistletoe sprigs

Tags: berries, nature, leaves, plant, merry-xmas


holly leaves on a black and white grid pattern

Tags: print, pattern, grid, christmas-day, happy-holidays

Tags: boba-fett, valentine, cute, heart, romance

Tags: quote, movie, quotes, a-new-hope, princess-leia

Tags: quote, movie, han-solo, harrison-ford, quotes

Tags: as-you-wish, the-empire-strikes-back, quotes, quote, movie

Tags: sci-fi, the-empire-strikes-back, science-fiction, luke-skywalker, a-new-hope

Tags: wars, star, space, princess, rebel

Tags: scifi, lando, lando-calrissian, cloud-city, science-fiction

Tags: ewok, ewoks, sci-fi, forest-moon, endor

Tags: anakin, anakin-skywalker, science-fiction, dark-side, sith-lord

Tags: science-fiction, sci-fi, chewy, wookiee, wookie

Tags: droid, science-fiction, goldenrod, robot, droids

Tags: science-fiction, sci-fi, bounty-hunter, jedi, fett

Tags: sci-fi, jedi, luke-skywalker, lando-calrissian, princess-leia

Tags: bee, bees, honey, honey-bee, insect

Tags: gamer, geek, navi, ocarina-of-time, hyrule

Tags: science-fiction, nerd, kitty, space, cat

Main Tag

Tags: dungeons-and-dragons, d20, dice, d-and-d, roleplay

Main Tag

Tags: pink, orange, yellow, sunset, typography

Main Tag

Tags: peace, world-peace, text, caffeine, blue

Main Tag

Tags: pastel, hand-lettering, typography, make-coffee-not-war, stop-war

Main Tag

Tags: peace, love, caffeine, cafe, typography

Tags: brat-pack, film, quotes, quote, nostalgia

Main Tag

Tags: felines, kitty-cats, cute-cats, cute-kittens, kittens

Main Tag

Tags: humor, banner, tired, sarcasm, nap

Tags: typography, hand-lettering, natural, green, plants

Tags: sidekick, comic, superhero, superheroes, central-city

Tags: floral, pastel, valentines, flowers, pink

Tags: playwright, theatre, banner, skull, tattoo-style


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