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Crystal Tokyo
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Tags: evil, 90s-anime, kermesite, fanart, moonie

Tags: sailor, manga, anime-quote, quote, sparkles

Tags: sailor-moon, fandom, fanart, silver-crystal, crystal

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Tags: rock, vintage, quote, transformation, music

Tags: art, too-lazy, pokemon-go, pokemon, pkmn

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Tags: art, motivation, begood, good, funny-saying


Too old to play Pokémon go?

Tags: art, original, design, fanart, videogame

Tags: movie, delorean, time-travel, time-machine, quotes

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Tags: japanimation, the-humanoid-typhoon, japanese, otaku, manga


For TEAM INSTINCT members!

Tags: art, team, yellow, fanart, videogame

Tags: art, videogame, videogames, games, fanart


For TEAM VALOR members!

Tags: videogame, games, videogames, squadra-rossa, team-red


For TEAM MYSTIC members!

Tags: art, videogame, games, videogames, fanart

Tags: art, fanart, team-yellow, legendary, videogame

Tags: art, videogame, games, fanart, video-games

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Tags: keroro-gunso, anime-quotes, manga-store, art, kerorogunso

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Tags: sgt-frog, keroro, fun, anime-clothes-reference, anime-manga-clothes

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Dedicated to ITALIAN fans of Captain Harlock :)

Tags: capitan-harlock, harlock-saga, old-anime, libert, space

Tags: sailor-moon, usagi-tsukino, usagi, bunny, kawaii

Tags: art, sailor-moon, sailor-warrior, pretty, heart

Tags: quotes, quote, anime-quotes, pretty, ribbon

Tags: 90s-anime, manga, 90s, anime, pretty

Tags: motto, quote, anime, manga, 90s

Tags: anime, sailor-moon, kawaii, anime-quotes, motto

Tags: quotes, anime-quotes, motto, quote, manga

Tags: quotes, motto, quote, manga, anime

Tags: sailor-moon, outer-senshi, 90s-anime, anime-quotes, art

Tags: motto, quote, quotes, manga, anime


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