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106 Baseball T-Shirts


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Tags: art, gothic, goth, style, stylized

106 Baseball T-Shirt

by eugeniahauss

The M40 recoilless rifle is a lightweight, portable, crew-served 105 mm weapon intended primarily as an anti-tank weapon made in the United States. The weapon is commonly described as being 106 mm, but it is in fact 105 mm; the 106 mm designation was designed to prevent confusion with the incompatible 105 mm ammunition from the failed M27. It could also be employed in an antipersonnel role with the use of the antipersonnel-tracer flechette round. It can be fired primarily from a wheeled ground mount. The air-cooled, breech-loaded, single-shot rifle fired fixed ammunition. It was designed for direct firing only, and sighting equipment for this purpose was furnished with each weapon

Tags: anti-tank, m40, rr, rifle, recoiless


"Comicones - Pop Culture From A New Perspective" by artist and author Craig W. Chenery, is a fresh look at all things Pop Culture.

Tags: sci-fi, science-fiction, craig-chenery, craig-w-chenery, the-comicones


The little fury of Peugeot factory, produced from '93 to '96, is already in the myth!

Tags: light, motor, funny, little, petit


White - Chinese Radical Number 106. This is the Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) way to write the Mandarin word [bái] which means [white].

Tags: hanzi, radical, writing, script, hanja


The ultimate road trip........

Tags: dan-ackroyd, john-belushi, blues-brothers


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