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Assimilate Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: assimilate, dyslexic, the-borg

Tags: dyslexic, the-borg, assimilate

Tags: dyslexic, assimilate, the-borg


Resistance is futile when you encounter the cube formation!

Tags: invaders, atari, ship, space, cube


Iconic LOVE artwork meets the Borg symbol. Check out my profile for other Love parodies if interested.

Tags: geek, tv-series, show, trekkie, star-trek

Borg Love Baseball T-Shirt

by Cattoc_C

The Cybermen have upgraded the main crew of the Federation star ship Enterprise! Its ultimate mission: To delete strange new worlds. To upgrade new life forms and new civilizations. To boldly upgrade what no other Cyberman has upgraded before.

Tags: satire, humor, funny, whovian, trekkie

CyberTrek Baseball T-Shirt

by TECHNOQueer

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