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Billie Eilish Baseball T-Shirts


Billie Holliday caricature

Tags: music, swing, soul, jazz, holliday

Billie Holliday Baseball T-Shirt

by cristinatorbellina

Tags: billie-jean

Tags: horror, art, bizarre, weirdness, monster

Big Billie Baseball T-Shirt

by fiftyfoot

Tags: cute, billie, death, souls, reaper

Billie the Reaper Baseball T-Shirt

by matthewparsons

Tags: blackactivist, froforce, afrolicousderpasaurus, froflow, naturalhair

Tags: retro, holiday, billy, billie, cool


It's Billie and Ruth. Keep them away from booze.

Tags: comics, webcomics

Billie and Ruth Baseball T-Shirt

by damnyouwillis

Tags: micheal-jackson, dancer, disco, discjockey, moonwalker


Billie Joe McKay Trucking was the owner operator business of the B.J. and the Bear 1979 TV series about a truck driver and his monkey. Hey, it made sense at the time. Nonetheless, this shirt design is literally taken directly from the driver's side door of the truck from the show which I happened upon and one of the few that I haven't painstakingly redrawn - something about it was just perfect, so I say let's leave well enough alone.

Tags: vintage, wisconsin, milwaukee, semi-auto, trucking


Project-Nerd Publishing's Billie and Jayne, from the graphic novel Billie, hanging out in the washtub. Artwork by Andrew Tarusov.


One of my Inktober drawings was of a magpie who shows up at work pretty regularly, so I've named it Billie

Tags: australian, black-and-white, ink, inktober, animal


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