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Constantine Baseball T-Shirts



Tags: petty-dabler, the-petty-dabbler, petty-dabbler, constantine-tv-show, john-constatntine


Minimalist design of Constantine from the TV show.

Tags: matt-ryan, dc-universe, dc-comic, dc-comics, constantine-tv-show


Exorcist, demonologist and master of the dark arts.

Tags: john-constantine, hellblazer, exorcist, demonologist, master

Tags: magic, john, hellblazer, constantine

Constantine Baseball T-Shirt

by chemabola8

Tags: john-constatntine, dc-comics, dc-comic, dccomics, dc

Tags: saint, bollocks, demonigote, comic, superhero


John Constantine works in the shadows but stalks him through the darkness?

Tags: constantine-tv-show, constantine


Batman and John Constantine, Two good men but with very different methods.

Tags: comic, john-constantine, superheroes, dc, dc-comics


Hey If you order this please tweet me a picture of you wearing it! @JoeWehnert on twitter, it would be an honor to see someone wearing something i designed. Thanks so much!

Tags: dark, league, justice, flash, green

Tags: comic, superhero, villain, hellblazer, demonigote


Swamp Thing, A Portrait

Tags: constantine, scary, creature, monster, horror


Not a good day to be a demon!

Tags: supernatural, constantine, evil-dead, ash-william, dean-winchester

Tags: devil, dc, john-constantine, hellblazer, dc-comics


A humorous caricature illustration of the well-known British and Hollywood actress of Constantine and beauty; Tilda Swinton. One of a series of caricatures achieved for the Celebrity Sunday series, where a famous person is rendered within a day. The idea is to show them as if in a passport photo to have consistency.

Tags: dc, constantine, steven-strange, the-ancient-one, english

Tags: comic, ghost, spooky, vertigo, hellblazer

Spectre Baseball T-Shirt

by VicNeko

"Your fate is utterly binding. You are invaluable, Clark Kent...."

Tags: magic, john-constantine, constantine-tv-show, constantine, dc-universe-online

Fated Baseball T-Shirt

by SquareDog

Custom made flag-symbol for the Roman Empire/Byzantine Empire/Rhomania inspired by historical symbology. Can also be used as a Christian religious symbol.

Tags: constantine, chi-rho-gold, chi-rho, basileus, hagia-sophia

Tags: justice-league-dark, john-constantine, dc-universe, dc-comics


The Green has a new avatar - Ron Swanson

Tags: swamp-thing, swampthing, dc-comics, the-green, alec-holland


I love comic books, and I think about one of the best and most varied line of comics I've ever read… and that's VERTIGO. The mature reader's line of stories and genre's that helped foster a greater sense of story within the medium of comic books. The person I think of most of all when I think "VERTIGO" is Karen Berger, the original Editor and Chief, who helped bring new talent over, oversaw the initial six ongoing series and helped to spawn countless others (many of which won critical acclaim and awards) over her decades of work at DC Comics.

Tags: text, editor, vector, design, logo


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