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Corbeau Baseball T-Shirts


Corbeau gris

Tags: animal, nature, art, artistic, bird

Corbeau Gris Baseball T-Shirt

by JeanFarineauSecco
$26 $20

Who’s the man who holds the Marvel Universe together while the superheroes are out gallivanting around the galaxy? Super Doctor Astronaut Peter Corbeau, that’s who. He’s got two Nobel prizes. He built his own space station. He survived splitting rent with the Hulk, swam across the Atlantic Ocean, snuck the X-Men into space, and is the namesake of the most unimpeachably legitimate award in comics . And when you hit a moral or personal or scientific dilemma that will only stand for the most awesome possible solution, there’s only one question you need to ask: What Would Peter Corbeau Do? Designed by Dylan Todd .

Tags: what-would-peter-corbeau-do, wwpcd, super-doctor-astronaut-peter-corbeau, peter-corbeau


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