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Darkseid Baseball T-Shirts


The second official T-shirt of the Shortbox Podcast! The Short Box's mission is to bring comic-book and pop-culture entertainment as well as opinionated discussions to the novices and know-it-all gurus alike. The Short Boxers meet up on a weekly basis to review both new and classic comic releases, movies, art, and everything in between. Aside from offering humorous discussions and entertaining conversation, the show provides an outlet for writers, artists, and creators to discuss events and upcoming projects. So, if you're trying to make sense of the latest geek news or just asking, "What's worth checking out or getting into this week?" look no further, and take a listen. www.shortboxjax.com

Tags: podcasting, dc, dc-comics, infinitygauntlet, thanos


The man himself.

Tags: warner-bros, videogames, nerd, injustice, injustice-2

Tags: broken-bat, batman, waynes-world, party-time, excellent

Bane's World Baseball T-Shirt

by ZombieMedia


Two-Face Baseball T-Shirt

by Coinkadink

Tags: dc-comic, knightfall, harleyquinn, harley-quinn, gotham-city

Tags: sea, horse


He must break you

Tags: gotham-city, dc, villian, the-dark-knight-rises, dc-universe

Bane Baseball T-Shirt

by Spikeani

Design inspired by origami figures.

Tags: aquatic-life, animals, oceans, nature, fish

Origami seahorse Baseball T-Shirt

by danielasynner

A cool trident for that summer time feel.

Tags: justice-league, aquaman, summertime, summer, beach

Blue trident Baseball T-Shirt

by BiobulletM

Bane's Gym

Tags: gotham, gotham-city, the-dark-knight, dark-knight, dc-comics

Bane's Gym Baseball T-Shirt

by RecklessPlaya

The famous trident of the god of the sea in a classical Greek design

Tags: greek-god, greek, ocean, greek-gods, sea

Tags: betta, fish, siamese-fighting-fish, animal, animals


Bane Multiface Christmas Wreath

Tags: bane-christmas-sweater, bane-xmas-jumper, bane-christmas-jumper, christmas-jumper-day, xmas-jumper


Me Myself and Irene Mashup

Tags: batmantas, btas, batman, gotham-city, rick-celis

Tags: parody, fairy-tale, castle, mirror, beauty-and-the-beast


Seahorses are masters of camouflage! Pacific Seahorses are the largest of there species, growing up to 12 inches high! © Carolyn Figuereo Art www.carolynfiguereo.com cfigue20@gmail.com

Tags: marine-biology, sea-life, aquatic-life, fish, animals

Pacific Seahorse Baseball T-Shirt

by DesignsByDoodle

Sea Horse

Tags: summer, christmas, under-the-sea, princess, ocean-life

Sea Horse Baseball T-Shirt

by kdpdesigns

Give your back a break today with Bane Chiropractic! When it comes to severe back pain, well, he's a true professional...Just ask Batman!

Tags: dark-knight, league-of-shadows, the-dark-knight-rises, funny, comics


A Glorious Battle

Tags: batman, superman, wonder woman, batman vs superman, dark knight

Tags: bane-print, bane-apparel, batgirl-apparel, batgirl-print, robin-print


Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.

Tags: comics, dc, dc-comics, villain, comic-books

Breaker of Backs Baseball T-Shirt

by Nerdemia
$26 $20

The ultimate isolationist

Tags: water, justice-league, nemesis, sea, atlantis



Tags: religion, warrior, paganism, protection, witch

Trident Baseball T-Shirt

by VividCreations

thats some good stuff

Tags: dc, joker, dark-knight, gotham, dc-comics

Venom IPA Baseball T-Shirt

by CoDDesigns

A mashup between Star Wars and DC Comics.

Tags: han-solo, the-force-awakens, jedi, rey, dc


The battle as just begun.

Tags: comic, superheroes, superhero, lois-lane, kryptonite


#martha #evolution

Tags: mothah, punny, pun, jla, superhero

Tags: darkseid, justice-league, new-gods, dc-universe, dc-comic

Mr. Miracle Baseball T-Shirt

by NeverKnew_Lane

Tags: darkseid, america, of, league, justice

Tags: aquaman, hero, super-hero, superhero, atlantis

Tags: dawn-of-justice, lex-luthor, man-of-sl, superman, barry-allen

Tags: comic, dc, dc-comics, jack, kirby

THE KING Baseball T-Shirt

by VicNeko


Tags: wonderwoman, adam-west, dark-knight, justice-league, robin


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