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Deathshead Baseball T-Shirts


Deathshead Diamond

Tags: abstract, black-and-white, collage, wooden, knife



Tags: air, wind, water, earth, skull


Another representation of the art bursting forth from my minds eye. A recurring theme for me. An exercise in bringing together pencil sketches with dot work inks and painting in photoshop.

Tags: pattern, sacred-geometry, geometric, hawk-moth, moth

Tags: death, deathshead, hawk-moth, skull, halloween


I'm so happy, dancin' while the Grim Reaper Cuts, cuts, cuts But he can't get me I'm as clever as can be, and I'm very quick, but don't forget: We've only got so many tricks No one lives forever! No one beats him at his game For very long, but just the same Who cares; there's no place safe to hide Nowhere to run—no time to cry So celebrate while you still can 'Cause any second, it may end And when it's all been said and done Better that you had some fun! - Oingo Boingo

Tags: rock, skulls, red, death, dead


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